Power Generation

Generator sets are typically sized for peak load. However, most of the time they run at low load factors which results in poor fuel economy & high emissions. By connecting PUNCH Flybrid technology to the generator set the flywheel will load level the peak loads that the generator set has to deal with. The PUNCH Flybrid system delivers energy immediately at high power during an increasing load step and captures excess energy during a decreasing load step. This results in smooth, consistent and controlled generator loading which facilitates downsizing, diesel to gas substitution, diesel to grid connection substitution and engine operating efficiency improvements.

PUNCH Flybrid has demonstrated more that 50% fuel savings in tower crane applications and 92% NOx emission reductions in Oil and Gas applications.

PUNCH Flybrid products are ideally suited to applications such as cranes, hoists, lifts, pumps, rock sixers and many more.

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