PUNCH Power 200 Tested on Municipal Waste Shredder

We undertook an ambitious demonstration of downsizing on a municipal waste shredder.

This is the mighty TYRON 2000 XL 2.0 hybrid mobile shredder, made by HAAS Recycling-Systems and supplied by CRJ Services Ltd in the UK. If mains power is not available it requires an 800 kVA diesel generator to run it. The power requirement is driven by the need to start up the huge electric motors every time a shovel of material is fed in.

CRJ are keen that their customers have the lowest possible running costs and emissions associated with using their equipment, so they arranged a major test with their key customer Geminor at their brand new facility in Hull. The key question: how can customers powering the TYRON 2000 XL with a generator cut their emissions without compromising on performance?

First, you need a driven and knowledgeable team, and we certainly had that! Enter Geminor, CRJ Services, Kings Power SolutionsPUNCH Flybrid, and the ringmaster getting all the people and power equipment in the right place, Matthew O’ Hara 🔋♻️ from Sunbelt Rentals UK & Ireland.
The team at Geminor provided the machine, a safe location for the testing as well as a material flow with their personnel and loaders.
CRJ provided expertise in setting up and running the machine, as well as monitoring the performance of the shredder.
Kings Power Solutions provided their skills to connect everything quickly and safely.
Sunbelt supplied a brand new 550 kVA stage V generator from HIMOINSA, a PUNCH Flybrid flywheel system and all the cables and connectors we needed, as well as the logistics for this operation.

So what did we conclude? Supported by the PUNCH Power 200, the 550 kVA was enough to power the Tyron 2000 XL. That is a huge downsizing and results in very significant savings in generator rental, diesel consumption, emission savings and ultimately money savings for the end user.

All in all, a great days work! Thanks to everyone who made it happen

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