CO2 Savings using the PUNCH Power 200

Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd proving how the PUNCH Flybrid technology when paired up with battery technology the CO2 savings are even bigger.

“Using both Punch Flybrid and battery power saved Bowmer & Kirkland 488,000 litres of diesel and 1,270 tonnes of carbon between January and July this year.”
“Flybrid and battery technology is now a standardised offering across Bowmer & Kirkland sites.”
“Traditionally, construction sites have powered plant with diesel-guzzling generators. Our operational staff now understand the possibilities open to us to protect the environment, reduce our emissions and save money.” Read the full article on how they did it and Matthew Cruttenden talking about how Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd are pushing boundaries in the construction industry.

Great to see another construction company leading the way with green technology at the forefront of their offerings and making those CO2 savings.

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