Kinetic ebergy recovery systems, boosting vehicle performance and efficiency

F-Boost is a modular high-performance flywheel system that can be easily integrated into a range of vehicles. It can be operated as a pure kinetic energy recovery device which boosts performance, or an engine load levelling enabler for optimum efficiency.

Lightweight design – System weight is less than 50Kg

Emissions reduction – Capturing and reusing energy from braking helps to reduce the overall fuel consumption of a vehicle

Increased efficiency – The F-Boost can help to improve the efficiency of the engine by levelling the load

Key components

A sophisticated high strength flywheel

An integrated high power electric motor

An integrated high-efficiency Inverter

Control system

High power, fast response, almost limitless cycles

F-Boost delivers instant power providing a dramatic boost to performance when needed. The F-boost can deliver up to 200kW (≈272PS) instant power and 100kW (≈136PS) continuous power. Our flywheel technology has been tested through millions of charge-discharge cycles with no loss in performance.


F-Boost is ready for integration into numerous vehicle types, including those with ICE, battery electric, fuel-cell  and hybrid power trains.


Flybrid F-Boost is a high performance flywheel-based kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that can help to improve fuel economy and performance in vehicles. The system uses a rotating flywheel to store energy that is normally wasted during braking. This energy can then be used to provide a power boost when accelerating the vehicle, which can help to improve fuel economy and performance.

Flybrid F-Boost works by using a flywheel rotating at high speed to store energy that is normally wasted during braking. The flywheel is connected to the vehicle’s electric powertrain. When the driver hits the brake pedal, motor(s) connected to the axle(s) decelerate the vehicle with the electrical power generated being sent to the flywheel which is accelerated by its integrated electrical motor and inverter. This results in kinetic energy being stored in the high-speed flywheel.

When the driver accelerates, the energy that was stored is released by decelerating the flywheel with its motor, providing electrical power boost for the vehicle.

Flybrid F-Boost can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved fuel economy: Flybrid F-Boost can help to improve fuel economy by up to 25%.
  • Increased performance: Flybrid F-Boost can also help to increase performance by providing up to 200kW power boost when accelerating.

Reduced emissions: Flybrid F-Boost can help to reduce emissions by improving fuel economy and performance.

Load levelling is a technique used to smooth out the power demands on a system. This can be done by storing energy during periods of low demand and releasing it during periods of high demand. A smoother power demand leads to less stress on the engine and lower fuel consumption.

Any vehicle which uses an electric or partially electric powertrain is suitable. This includes full battery-electric vehicles and hybrids of all types.

The F-boost is an OEM component for supply to car manufacturers. Correct installation requires access to the main electrical bus of the vehicle, as well as reprogramming the vehicles ECU to correctly charge and discharge the flywheel.

Whilst PUNCH Flybrid does not offer support to private individuals, we have worked with bespoke manufactures on short runs of high-performance vehicles. Contact us to discuss your project.