Alimak Hoist Downsizing

The Homepage | Punch Flybrid PUNCH Power 200 flywheel system enables a 71% fuel saving by downsizing a generator powering 2 hoists to ¼ of the previously installed capacity. The annual fuel saving of more than 20,700 litres was achieved on this Bowmer + Kirkland | Leading UK Construction & Development Group (  with hoists. This represents an annual CO2 saving of more than 54 tons. The Alimak Scando 650 is one of the world’s most popular construction hoists. Depending on configuration, it can lift between 1.5 and 3 tons of passengers and materials up to 100m.

Onsite in Coventry, UK, Construction firm Bowmer + Kirkland deployed two of these hoists. Whilst the running power of these hoists is not very large the start-up current can be significant. As such, this pair of hoists would typically be powered by two 200 kVA generators, one for each hoist. Following discussion, site power providers Generator Hire, Sale & Installation | John F Hunt Power elected to deploy a single 100kVA diesel generator alongside a single PUNCH Power 200 flywheel energy storage unit to run both hoists.

This downsizing of the installed generator capacity by a factor of 4 resulted in significant savings in generator rental cost, 71% fuel usage, as well as CO2 emissions savings for Bowmer + Kirkland Ltd.

Tobias Knichel, Manging Director of PUNCH Flybrid observed “This was a great result for the wallet and the environment! The Alimak hoist is a very good application for flywheel technology. The start-up requires a lot of power, but the energy usage is low. Typically, a generator would be sized to cope with the start-up, but using our flywheel system eliminated that requirement and led to valuable benefits”.

Daniel Birkinshaw, Bowmer + Kirkland Sustainability Manager commented: “Another great technology success to reduce fuel consumption, our carbon footprint, and achieve our goal of ‘Zeroby40’