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Dynamic duty cycles waste energy, and wasting energy is no longer acceptable. Our customers operate equipment which runs on dynamic duty cycles, where motors are constantly starting and stopping. Each time the motors start and stop, energy is wasted. PUNCH Flybrid helps our customers save energy, reduce power supply requirements and costs, and reduce their CO2 footprint. Our products help capture, optimise and reuse energy across a wide range of applications. Find out what we are all about.
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“Create sustainable technology to deliver efficient power solutions”

Envisioning a future of sustainable progress, our mission revolves around crafting innovative technology to provide efficient power solutions. Through a fusion of advanced engineering and ecological mindfulness, we’re reshaping energy systems for lasting impact. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to push boundaries, developing technologies that not only fulfill present needs but also preserve the planet for generations ahead.


“We see a future with sustainable mobility for all.”

Embracing a visionary outlook, we’re poised to shape a future where sustainable mobility becomes a universal reality, accessible to all. Our unwavering commitment to this cause fuels our relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. By harmonizing advanced technology with environmental consciousness, we’re driving the transformation of transportation systems worldwide. This collective journey toward sustainable mobility not only promises a cleaner and more equitable future but also reflects our shared responsibility to nurture the planet


“Our organisation’s values support our mission and vision, and reflect our culture, ethos and priorities

At the heart of our organization, our values are the cornerstone that upholds our mission and vision. These values radiate the essence of our culture, ethics, and priorities. Serving as a guiding force, they ensure that every step we take resonates with our core principles.

More than just words, these values are the driving force behind our actions. They inspire us to strive for excellence and align our efforts with our larger purpose. With these values as our compass, we navigate challenges and seize opportunities, remaining true to our mission.

Our culture flourishes thanks to these values, fostering an environment of innovation, diversity, and collaboration. They lay the groundwork for meaningful connections within our team and with partners, stakeholders, and the wider community.

In essence, our values encapsulate our dedication. They encapsulate our identity, beliefs, and aspirations. As we continue forward, they stand as a testament to our commitment to enact positive change and leave a meaningful imprint on the world.

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