We believe that every dynamically operated vehicle or machine will use some form of energy recovery system at some point in the future. Racing cars, road cars, buses, trucks, trains, off-highway machinery and even electric power generators experience highly dynamic duty cycles that allow energy recovery systems to provide a benefit.

Dynamic duty cycles demand high power to recover energy. PUNCH Flybrid has developed energy recovery technology that uses high power densities to achieve exceptional performance.

All our products are based on advanced, high speed flywheel energy storage technology.

Originally designed for the high intensity life of motorsport, PUNCH Flybrid’s systems have demonstrated their performance under demanding conditions in various applications in off-highway, power generation, commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

PUNCH Flybrid is located next to the Silverstone Circuit in the United Kingdom and is part of the PUNCH-Group, a family owned Tier 1 manufacturer and integrator of driveline and powertrain solutions.





Silverstone Park from the air

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