Flybrid was founded in 2007 with the aim to develop flywheel based hybrid systems.

In 2018 Guido Dumarey, owner of the PUNCH Group ( acquired Flybrid and renamed it to PUNCH Flybrid. Being part of the PUNCH Group enables PUNCH Flybrid to work closely together with the global automotive transmission supplier PUNCH Powerglide (

PUNCH Flybrid is the world’s leading developer of high performance flywheel–based Energy Storage Systems. We create durable, affordable products that have been designed to withstand the most challenging environments, in a wide range of industries and applications.

Originally designed for the high intensity life of motorsport, PUNCH Flybrid’s systems have always been able to operate under extreme conditions and are now used in various applications in off-highway, power generation, commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

The PUNCH Flybrid office is located next to Silverstone Circuit in the United Kingdom.

Silverstone Park from the air

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