600 Series

Our 600 Series flywheel energy storage module can be connected via hydraulic or electric motors.

  • Energy Storage (Absolute): 600kJ
  • Max Operating Temperature: 110 °C
  • Min Starting Temperature: -40 °C
  • Design Life: 80,000 hours / 10 million cycles
  • Flywheel Torque Limit: 100Nm
  • Gradeability (Peak): +/- 35 °
  • Gradeability (Continuous): +/- 25 °
  • Mounting Flange: SAE J744 152-4 (SAE D 4 Bolt)
  • Drive Spline: SAE D Type Spline
  • Environmental protection: IP69

Bespoke PUNCH Flybrid flywheel energy storage modules can offer more or less energy storage in a single flywheel and can be coupled together with more than one flywheel to fulfill an even higher energy storage requirement.

If you are interested in a size that is not shown in our 600 series, please complete our product interest form for more information specific to your needs.