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Dynamic duty cycles waste energy, and wasting energy is no longer acceptable. Our customers operate equipment which runs on dynamic duty cycles, where motors are constantly starting and stopping. Each time the motors start and stop, energy is wasted. PUNCH Flybrid helps our customers save energy, reduce power supply requirements and costs, and reduce their CO2 footprint. Our products help capture, optimise and reuse energy across a wide range of applications and industries.



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Our mission

At PUNCH Flybrid, our mission is to revolutionise power systems, reduce emissions, and create a cleaner future. With reliable and cost-effective energy storage and management solutions, we routinely exceed customer expectations. PUNCH Flybrid seeks to have a positive impact on the environment, and your wallet.

Our Roots​

We founded Flybrid Systems in 2007 to increase the efficiency of Formula One cars and automobiles using flywheel technology. To make a positive impact on society, we transitioned to the work across a broad range of industries, with products for medium and heavy-duty equipment, green energy and automobile power systems. In 2021, we introduced our flagship product, the PUNCH Power 200 flywheel system, which has already saved over 2 million litres of diesel and reduced harmful CO2 emissions

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Drawing on our passion and expertise, we embrace challenges as opportunities, leveraging innovation and cutting-edge technologies to create transformative solutions.

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